Hey, hey! Welcome to the 2nd edition of my quarterly goals (or, as I call it, The Masterplan goals) page. Here I will share my goals for the next quarter across the most important Pillars of Life.

Obviously, I won’t be able to work on all Pillars each quarter as this is a life-long journey, but I’ll do my best to improve my life in as many areas as possible. Baby steps and consistency is the key.

I will try to keep this as transparent and simple as possible. After each quarter, I plan to publish an honest report of how things went, where I succeeded, and what I didn’t achieve.

 As I said in the “About the Project” page (you can check it out here if you haven’t), I’m here to show you both sides of the self-growth journey – wins & failures.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Quarter III (Jul, Aug, Sep) 2023

Things that I want to achieve in the 3rd quarter of 2023.

Mind (Mental)

1) Continue learning Español – my goal is to keep learning Spanish every day for at least 30 minutes. My full focus is on the language immersion method because it’s interesting, entertaining, and actually works! To do this, I’m going to use Dreaming Spanish resources and other YouTube videos that focus on language immersion.

2) Watch or read useful material about finances – in Q3, I want to watch some useful videos or read books about money from an energetic point of view. I want to find and reframe the limitations I have in this important area of my life.

4) Keep working with specialists – since this was such a major success in Q2, I also plan to keep doing this in Q3. I want to keep working on my limiting patterns and programs with different types of coaches and practitioners.

Even if it’s just 1-2x per quarter. I can do it whenever I feel like I need input or help from someone else (which is not that often).

5) Keep working on my Masterplan –  since planning out my life is crucial for me, I want to keep doing this each quarter. Just sit down and plan out the following quarter.

What do I want to achieve? What’s important for me now? How did it go with the last quarter? And so on.

I truly believe that this planning & reflecting is super important to live a wholesome life and thrive across various categories in life.

6) Read books daily – I want to read every day, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Morning or evening is fine; I just have to create a habit where I read whatever I feel like every day. In the evening, I can read fiction or something similar that doesn’t activate my brain too much.

7) Practice keeping focus – this is a very, very useful and important thing that would help me a lot. Being able to control your focus and keep it where you want it to be is a super powerful skill.

I have come to the conclusion that focus can literally be a cure for overwhelment and overthinking, as focus requires you to be in the present moment, focusing on just one thing.

It’s not really possible to overthink and be focused at the same time. And since focus is something that you have to train to get better at, I plan to look for various techniques to improve my focus.

8) Improve my financial situation – I know that this is a pretty vague goal, but I have added it here as it’s one of my top priorities in life right now.

I have finally defined the requirements for the career/business that I want to have. And now I’m working towards finding “that thing” that fits the bill.

Here are my 4 criteria:

  1. I HAVE to like what I do. It has to be interesting, and I want to be passionate about it.
  2. There is higher added value to what I do. It has to make the world a better place in one way or another.
  3. I can make enough money to live the way I want to live (freely and abundantly).
  4. I am my own boss and make my own schedule. I love to work and be productive, but I also love to be able to take a day or week off whenever I want.

I feel that I’m on the right path already; I just have to figure out how I can fulfill all 4 criteria.

9) Keep working on this blog – this is my main career-related goal for Q3 2023. I plan to keep building my blog and find a way to provide value for people with my content while also being able to monetize it, so I can keep doing it full-time.

10) Help my friend launch a course – in this Q3, I want to launch a course with my friend. He’s a really great specialist in his field, and his knowledge could be beneficial for a lot of people. Since my strong suit is anything related to the online world, this seems like a perfect match.

Heart (Emotional)

1) Cultivate self-love – in the past few months, I have realized that self-love and self-acceptance are the most important things in life. At least for me. Without them, nothing else can give real, long-lasting fulfillment.

I see self-love as the foundation of the house. Everything else is built on that. If you have a weak foundation, no matter what you build, it ain’t gonna last.

So my main focus is on accepting and loving myself exactly the way I am. With all the cons, quirks, and not-so-good sides. Exactly as I am right now, not somewhere down the road where I will be better/stronger/richer/smarter, etc. No matter what, I’m there for myself.

And since I’ve been doing this, my anxiety has decreased drastically. I think that anxiety has a lot to do with not loving and accepting yourself the way you are.

If I find it necessary, I can also look for different practices and meditations to cultivate self-love. I think that doing shadow work could also be very beneficial in helping me accept myself even more.

2) Keep doing my morning routine – I have created a very nice morning routine that I enjoy and that sets me up for a more positive day (meditation, affirmations, journaling, getting sunlight in the eyes, and learning Spanish). It works really well for me, and I want to keep doing it.

3) Overcoming emotional spirals – last quarter was a HUGE improvement in my mental and emotional wellbeing, and emotional spirals are very rare for me these days.

But I still sometimes have them, so I want to find a solution to overcome my low points ASAP. Because the longer I stay there, the harder it becomes to get out.

The goal remains the same: to find a technique/s that helps me get out of that spiral and reach a neutral state. I know that it’s not possible to go straight from a negative (-) to a positive (+) vibe. First, you have to get to the neutral (0) state, and only then you can increase it to +.

Some of the techniques that might help:

push ups,


short HIIT sessions,

dancing or moving my body,


circular breathing.

Pretty much any bodily exercise should help, as emotions are stored in the body and not the mind.

4) Find new hobbies – I didn’t do this in the previous Q2, so I definitely want to do it now. I just need to plan out a couple of hours to think about what new activities I want to try and what could bring me joy. What would I like to do outside of my daily routine?

I don’t have to start doing any of these things yet, but at least I have to find a couple of ideas that resonate with me. Even just by thinking about and researching it, I will start moving forward.

I almost always focus on “being productive”, so sometimes I forget how important it is to do things that give me joy and pleasure.

The happier I am, the higher my vibration; hence, everything else in my life goes up as well.

Soul (Spiritual)

1) Keep doing my daily practices – another important goal that I want to achieve in Q3 is to keep doing my daily meditation practices (the main focus is still on visualization meditation). This time I won’t be adding specific meditations that I want to do, as I want this to remain flexible and do whatever feels right for me at any given moment.

Body (Physical)

1) Keep working out – so far I’ve been super consistent with my workouts, and I plan to keep this up in Q3 as well. In Q3, I plan to keep doing my strength workouts three times per week, and I have also started to look into functional workouts (something like Functional Patterns) and fascia release for my off days. Let’s see how it goes.

2) Keep eating healthy – Q2 was very good nutrition-wise, and in Q3, I plan to keep eating healthy and improve my eating habits. My main goal is to avoid eating sugar, snacks, processed foods, dairy, and meat. I’m not saying that meat is unhealthy; I just don’t like to consume it often. From time to time – it’s a different story. My goal is to eat healthy 80–90% of the time.

3) Avoid unhealthy snacks – I want to cut out sugar and unhealthy snacks completely. A rare unhealthy snack here and there is fine, but I want to focus on eating snacks like berries, fruits, dark chocolate, unsweetened peanut butter, and other delicious yet much healthier alternatives. If I feel like I can do another 30-day super clean challenge.

4) Keep doing intermittent fasting (IF) from 8PM – 12PM (16h) – there are many reasons why IF is so popular, so I won’t discuss it here. (If you want to read more about IF, here’s a beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting.)

I’ve been doing it for the past several months, and I love it! It really helps me to avoid unnecessary snacking before bed and helps me naturally limit how much I eat. Pretty much, I eat 2 proper meals per day + healthy snacks.

5) Improve my sleep – Initially, I was planning to do that in Q2, but I didn’t. So, I plan to do it now, in Q3. I want to improve the quality of my sleep (as sleep is the KEY to everything else).

I should find time for this in my schedule and do some research about this topic, as I don’t know too much about it.

I should start by implementing the basics. Same time for going to bed and waking up, no screens 2 hours before bed, and so on.

6) Keep getting morning sun (1st thing in the morning) –  it’s very crucial to get the sunlight in your eyes for at least 10 minutes on sunny days and 20-30 minutes on overcast days within 2 hours of waking up (the sooner the better) + combine that with a short morning walk.

I’ve been doing this for the past 4 or 5 months, and I love it. It’s one of my favorite morning practices.

I got this idea from Dr. Huberman, who says that this is one of the most crucial things you can do in the morning to improve the overall quality of your well-being.

And it seems to be working for me.

Expectations before Q3:

My main mistake while planning Q2 2023 was to add too many things to my “to-do list”. This subconsciously got me a bit unmotivated once I realized that I wouldn’t be able to complete them all.

So in Q3 2023, I have planned out fewer things, but all of them are important and achievable. Considering all the changes and processes happening in my life (in a good way), it’s hard to imagine where I will be in 3 months.

 When I turned 29 this spring, I asked the Universe that my last twenty-something year is a year of growth and change, and so far it has been exactly that. My life is changing and evolving so rapidly and fundamentally that I can only imagine where I will be after Q3.

The main thing that I try to remind myself of is that sometimes “less is more,” and I try to stick only with the most important things (instead of trying to implement more things than I can handle right now).

So that’s it for the Q3 goals & my expectations. Nos vemos en unos meses! (I just wanted to show off my Spanish skills, haha.)

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