Welcome to the “What I’m Doing Now” page. Here are the things that I’m focusing on right now:

  • Building out the MMH website (mymindfulhabits.com) – it’s still in the early stages with just a few articles published, but I can already see everything slowly coming together.
  • Working on my “Masterplan” goals* – you can find a full list of my Q2 2023 goals here.
  • Started a 30-day detox from sugar, snacks, and processed foods – pretty much taking a break from anything that isn’t healthy. I have done 30-day detoxes twice before and it’s always a nice feeling to cleanse myself.

These are the 3 main things that I’m currently focusing on. 

* what are “Masterplan” goals? Pretty much it’s a list of various things that I want to achieve in the main Pillars of Life each quarter. You can call them quarterly goals, if you like.

Since it’s a pretty detailed list that I plan to share each quarter, I’ve made it as a separate article. You can find a full list of my Q2 2023 goals here.

Last updated: May 10, 2023.

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