Don’t limit your manifestation or why you should dream big?

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Today I want to share with you an important realization that came to me this morning. And it’s related to manifestation. You can be your biggest enemy when it comes to manifestation, if you are not letting yourself dream big.

What do I mean by that? 

Well, it’s crucial to let yourself dream big and focus on things that you truly want from the bottom of your heart, not just things that are seemingly reachable and logical.

Let me share my example with you.

Heart goals vs Ego goals

I know to my core that I want to live an abundant and wealthy life. I want to have my dream house, I want to travel around the world and have various experiences that require a substantial amount of money.

This goal comes from my heart rather than mind or ego as I want these things just to experience them. I don’t care about showing them to others, putting it on the Gram and so on. I don’t think I will be better or worse than others if I will have them.

That’s the difference between heart vs ego goals. At least that’s how I have defined that for myself. There is nothing wrong with wanting luxurious, expensive and beautiful things or experiences.

One just has to ask himself/herself if that is a “pure” pull coming from the heart or is it ego trying to prove something or trying to feel more worthy?

Money isn’t bad or good. It’s just energy. It multiplies everything that the person already is. If the person is inherently good, with money that person will be even better. If the person is inherently an asshole, with money that person will be an even bigger asshole. 

If you want a big, luxurious house that costs 5 million USD just to show everyone how successful and rich you are and kinda flex with it, well that’s an ego goal. 

But if you want the same 5 million USD house, but simply because you feel great there, it has a fantastic garden, perfect location with a view, private pool, gym, enough space for everything and it uplifts you, then I would define that as a “pure” pull.

My example

Now let’s get back to my example.

To live a life that I desire, I want to earn ~100k USD per month in profit. That would let me build my dream house, travel the world and also save plenty of it for the future. 

Right now that seems rather far away and I have no clear path on how to get there as for me it’s a pretty large amount to earn per month. And also I have to enjoy what I do to get there. Just money won’t work.

For my rational mind that’s hard to grasp. So what it does is something like this: “I would like to make an extra 2k or 5k per month. It would be a nice addition to my current income and I could do or afford X, Y or Z with this extra money”.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, right? Seems like a logical step to start with 2k or 5k and the move from there. 

Well, I also thought that – until this morning when I realized that these “temporary manifestations” are actually blocking my real goal that I want to achieve. 

Why and how?

To earn 100k per month I will need a different type of business, approach or opportunities along the way than to make 2k or 5k per month. 

So, if I focus on making 5k per month, I will get opportunities that can make me 5k/m. But it’s very possible that these 5k opportunities won’t be scalable to 100k or even 15k. Do you see where I’m going with this?

It doesn’t mean that I expect to go from 0 to 100k per month straight up. It doesn’t mean that I won’t appreciate and be grateful for each K that I reach. All it means is that it’s crucial to keep your actual goal in mind instead of just pursuing small milestones. At least that’s how I see it. 

The same goes with my dream house. My mind, being a rational being, is trying to use only logic, but manifestation doesn’t work with logic. 

My mind goes something like: “Alright, I want a house, but it’s too expensive for me right now, so an apartment will do. And then somewhere in the future we can think about a house.” 

Well, dear mind, that’s wrong! Yes, it seems logical. But if I keep thinking like this, guess what will happen? I will get another apartment instead of a house. 

But if I focus on what I really want from day 1, I can achieve my true goals much faster than by simply being logical and rational.

Don’t get me wrong, every step and milestone matters. And they all are important to get to the main goal. 

But the main point of this post is to remind you (and myself) to dream big and don’t fall for these rationalized “temporary manifestations” that don’t lead you where you actually want to end up.

What do you truly desire from the bottom of your heart? There’s no limitation to what you can have, only your own beliefs.


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