Is manifestation real? And does it even work?

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Manifestation… yet another very common word that’s becoming almost a cliche these days. So many people talk about it and there’s so much information about manifestation, but is it even real?

And if it is, why don’t we get everything that we try to manifest? Does it work randomly? Are we predestined to get some things in life while we don’t get others? Or does it work just for a few “special” people? 

I’ll share my realizations and thoughts on why it may seem that manifestation is not working (at least in some situations).

So buckle up and join me in this ride.

What even is manifestation?

Let’s start with the basics. What is manifestation? As I see it, manifestation in a nutshell is a result of one’s thoughts, beliefs, programs or visualizations (conscious and unconscious). 

I believe that everything I am experiencing is my own creation. It doesn’t matter if it comes from my conscious or unconscious mind – if that’s in my reality, it’s my creation.

“Wait, are you telling me that all the negative and annoying things in my life are also my own creation?! But I didn’t ask for any of that!” 

Well, most of our manifestations come from our unconscious thoughts, beliefs and programs. And quite often they are not too positive or helpful. But that’s a topic for another post. Let’s stick with the concept of manifestation for now.

Can we really manifest everything we want?

Yes, I truly believe that (please, don’t mention some ridiculous or supernatural scenarios just to prove your point that not everything is possible). I’m not talking about manifesting wings or teleporting to Jupiter. 

I’m talking about achieving things that most of us want and that are attainable for everyone like loving relationships, a fulfilling job, a good salary that satisfies one’s needs and so on.

I’m talking about things that are attainable and realistic, but still so many of us don’t have them. This brings us to the next logical question:

If manifestation is real why don’t we get all we try to manifest? 

If we don’t get it, then it doesn’t actually work, right? Well, I don’t think so. I think that if one is serious about manifestation and focuses on manifesting something, but doesn’t get it, it means that there is a road block between the person and their desired reality. To make it simpler, let’s use an example. 

Let’s use a guy named John as an example.

John works hard and does his best to provide a decent living for his family, but no matter how hard he works, he never seems to pass the 3000$/month mark. He’s doing alright with his current salary, but he would like to earn more while actually spending less hours working, so he can have more time to spend with his family.

A friend of his has recommended a book about manifestation. At first John was reluctant, but after reading it, he feels pumped up. Finally he sees a way to reach his goal (to have a more relaxed schedule while also making more money). 

His goal is to make 5000$ per month as that would allow him to renovate his house and overall just have a better quality life. 

John is doing a visualization meditation every morning and evening and he can’t wait for new opportunities to come. Few weeks pass by, but nothing has changed. John slowly is losing his belief in manifestation, but he keeps going. 1 more month passes, but still nothing changes. 

John loses his faith in this “bogus nonsense” and stops doing it, and goes back to his normal life where “it is what it is” or “this is how life happens”.

What went wrong with John’s manifestation? Why didn’t he get what he was trying to attract? 

Let’s take a closer look at that in the following paragraph.

The #1 reason why manifestation doesn’t work

So why didn’t John get what he was focusing on? Wasn’t he consistent enough with his manifestation practices? Or did he just quit too early? Maybe.

But most likely none of these things are the real reason. It’s no secret that we live in a Vibrational Universe (everything is energy) and science has already proven that for some time, so it’s not some voodoo theory.

So, what is the real reason then?

Well, between John and his particular goal is a vibrational gap. What does it mean? 

If John wants to reach the next level (in this scenario a place where he can earn more and at the same time have more free time), he will need to find and overcome an obstacle (most likely a belief or program) that is blocking him from getting there.

Let me explain deeper.

John, who earns 5000$/month and is not overworked anymore is a different person than John who earns 3000$/month and is working his ass off. Yes, it’s the same human being, but with different beliefs, attitude and emotions. This all creates his “overall frequency”.

And to simply put, his current “overall frequency” is not connectable with this new reality that he’s dreaming of.

You can think of 5k John as John version 2. To get there, he needs to “update” his beliefs and thoughts. Better job and bigger salary is just an example. It applies to anything in life. And that’s the “secret” of manifestation.

Between you and your goal is a vibrational gap. And to get there, you will need to close that gap by increasing your “overall frequency”. So, how do you increase your “overall frequency”? 

This brings us to the final part of this article.

Increasing your overall frequency

Simply put, you increase your overall frequency by changing your negative beliefs, programs, attitudes, emotions etc in that particular area of your life that you are trying to change.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to achieve more money, loving relationships, better health, a dream job or something else.

If you don’t have it yet, it means that there are beliefs, programs or trauma that is not compatible with what you want (and most times it’s unconscious). Remember, that only ~5% of our mind is conscious and the rest ~95% is unconscious.

But if it’s unconscious how can I change that? Well, luckily for us, the Universe always shows the way for those who are willing to listen. Let me demonstrate that with another example.

Let’s say you want to earn 100k $ per year and you are focusing on manifesting that. But at the same time you have negative beliefs about money and low self-worth that is blocking you from receiving that (since there’s a vibrational mismatch). 

Since you are trying to manifest that but are not there yet (vibrationally) to actually receive it in the physical way, the Universe is sending you situations, people and synchronicities that allow you to transform those beliefs, so you can achieve the reality, where you can earn 100k $ per year. 

Let me quickly give you the last example. 

Let’s say you want loving relationships but can’t seem to attract the right partner. You are focusing on manifesting that in your life and then you realize that you are regularly having arguments with your mother (as a man).

And if you are having complicated and unresolved relationships with your mother, most likely it will be a challenge for you to actually find a woman that will be supportive and loving, because you are subconsciously projecting this resentment for your mother towards your partner. 

So the first thing you would have to do is to work on your negative beliefs about women, negative beliefs about relationships that you have seen in your childhood (if there has been drama, aggression, violence etc), how your dad treated your mother and vice versa etc. 

Exactly the same would apply for a woman and her dad.

And by putting in work and actually working with these beliefs, programs, emotions (and changing them), you are increasing your overall frequency and thus, pulling yourself closer to the reality, where you can actually experience the thing or event in the physical reality. 

Wrapping up

I hope you are now starting to realize the actual power behind manifestation and why it may seem that it’s not working at times.

And yes, this is pretty challenging and you have to be very aware and willing to notice and change these things. But if you are really serious about creating a life that you wanna live and are willing to take responsibility for your life, there is almost no limit to what you can manifest

The Universe always shows us the way, we just have to be willing to listen and stop expecting that the Universe is some golden fish that will fulfill all of our wants and needs without us doing required “housekeeping”. 

And it doesn’t matter how good we are. The Universe doesn’t punish or reward us. It just gives us back what we project from ourselves. In terms of manifestation the Universe is just a mirror that returns back everything we radiate outwards (consciously or unconsciously). 

Happy manifesting!


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